'Little Bean' smiles, Moyse gives a lot of opportunities to play.

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'Little Bean' smiles, Moyse gives a lot of opportunities to play.

Postby tom » Sat Feb 10, 2018 4:36 am

Javier Hernandez "Hernandez" Mexican national team striker of "Hammer" West Ham United have acknowledged that they have more opportunities to play in the David Moys than expected. At first

The Hammers kicked off Svalbard Bischoff and set up David Moyes on the team on November 7 past. At first, Chishata's future with the team should be gone. After being one of the duty centers, Moyes needs to drain out of the squad during the January opening. The team has a lot of players in this position. But until the past pioneered Manchester United did not move, and seems to have risen to play a greater role in the team.

"I played more than I thought at the beginning. During the last 3 games, I played 90 minutes. I was very happy. Now, if I had to be caught back to sit back as a backup. I am the happiest person in the world, "said the striker, shooting 16 million pounds when moving from Leverkusen.

"But I have a duty to support the team. And I have to work hard for the manager to trust me. "sbo222

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