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Postby love55 » Mon Feb 26, 2018 1:30 pm

Martin sucks Rafa, the new anatomy of Newcastle. United revealed that Rafa. Benitez advised him to buy a lottery after making a great start to the field, beating Manchester United 1-0.
Slovakian shark moved from Sparta Prague is in the Tyne. With a loan contract on the final day of the player's market and he made a dramatic start to the pitch at St James Park earlier this month.
Watch Braves play many saves, especially stopping Michael's shot. Carrick injury time before all the fans will stand up and applaud after the game.
Watching Braves move to "Salika" permanently with a 4 million pounds this summer, said: "The manager told me to buy a lottery tickets because I will be rewarded. "
"But I do not know if I can get on the field. I sat in the dressing room and the coach announced his real name. "
"My friend sent me a message. Try to repeat that we meet with Manchester United asked me whether I know it. I was like, "Sure. Thank you very much for informing Mana " :mrgreen: pic5678 :mrgreen:
"Many of my friends sent messages after the game, saying," I'm a fan. . But I'm happy to win you.
"I have to answer the phone. Call back or reply the whole night. My girlfriend is with me. She watched the game in the yard, and my family called her all the time. "
"Finally, after the game, I had to leave the phone. There are hundreds of messages. "
"Last year I played with Slawan Libertari, a small club in the country. Being here now is like an important step. You are used to living in one form. Suddenly, you move to a new country with new opportunities. It changed my life as a backhand. "

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