"Hey, Henry, why do you want to move the swan?"

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"Hey, Henry, why do you want to move the swan?"

Postby tom » Fri May 25, 2018 4:31 am

John Henry, owner of Liverpool. He said he did not really understand. Why players want to move out of the club. Second place star Philippe Coutinho and Luis Suarez fled to the Barcelona team.

This Saturday night "Reds" have one of the club's major games in the past decade in the UEFA Champions League final against Real Madrid.

Henry Fenway Sports Group founder who came to Liverpool club in 2010 interviewed.

The issues he led the team to the point where it is now. Including the issue of the team's Barça sucked up in the past.

"Maybe it's because I'm American. But I have difficulty understanding why people want to move out of Liverpool. "

"This club is rich in history and customs. And is supported by millions of people worldwide. Almost every country on the planet. "

Liverpool's world-class reputation could not deter Suarez's move in 2014 and the start of the year. Which made them a total of more than 210 million pounds.

"You do not want to be in a position where the player wants to move to another place. Even if it moves to a club like Barcelona. "

"I want to understand why players want to play in a weak league. They have played 30 meaningless games a year and are now playing for the Champions League. "

Liverpool will play key games at Kiev this weekend. Meanwhile, Barcelona's Cervantes and Suarez were eliminated by eight teams.

"This weekend they will see the game instead of playing, but Mike Gordon (co-owner) Michael Edwards (sports director) and everyone in the scouting department. Works great. To handle both difficult situations. "sbo222

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