Always Defeated From Lag Problems in MapleStory

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Always Defeated From Lag Problems in MapleStory

Postby Cszcy » Fri May 18, 2018 11:07 am

Yes, it is Maplestory Mesos time, now I want to share my Lag Problems in MapleStory with all of you. Every time I play MapleStory, lag would be my main enemy, constantly bring death to me, complete, there are 3 major bugs/glitches that are game breaking on my end.

My display will freeze for 5-10 minutes and everything that happened during this time will occur all at once. Keyboard freezing up and repeating the last button pressed until I unplug it and re-plug it back in. Several of my main skills as Blaze Wizard can glitch into a state of being unable to hit critters. I have a video recording of the happening because I was fed up with the lack of responses (and ironically, though I have properly formatted this magnificent glitch, there is still no reply).

That is excluding the amount of times it may or may not take to just log in the game and keep connected without crashing or having a run-time error. Is it going to crash? Am I likely to have the ability to reach monsters? Or do I must do a full reboot and waste another hour trying to get into the game? How many times will I unplug and re-plug my computer keyboard in this session? Two times? 15 times? Not worth it. Not whatsoever.

Post-level 200 I wasted hours of grinding just to die due to the lag spikes, because of the keyboard freezing, because my abilities don't even work as planned. Why boss when you're able to just die instead? Without my friends funding me, I'd have not been able to degree, literally. The monsters in Nameless Land are much stronger and each map includes one lantern erda that puts a no-pot-use debuff on you. I even have a pet with Auto HP/MP and for some dumb reason, Automobile HP/MP is client-side. Meaning if I lag for 5-10 minutes and require too much damage, I'll die, irrespective of the fact that I invested ms 2 mesos to prevent this from occurring, though MS Mesos shouldn't be happening. Do you see the irony and frustration? I am paying for items to prevent character deaths which shouldn't even happen in the first location.

Did I receive compensation for those billions of exp reduction due to underlying game instability that's been lingering for over a fantastic year? Nope. If Nexon is going to continue "working" with this game (do not even get me started on Vindictus) while still consistantly having interference problems that hamper participant experience and moment, then they ought to be more more-than-willing to compensate. Their greed knows no bounds.

Did I ever receive a response to the problems, bugs & glitches that I presented that are causing me to technical issues? No. That has been what, a month ago? The only response I got was one filled with martyrdom and ego. In fact, the discussion moderator that responded to me personally thought I was somebody else (classic service team) and said, "stop calling people names"... in spite of the fact that he confused an individual user with me. No other response came then.

Did I ever receive a response in regards to this unnecessary confusion behind adapting UTC expiry dates/time? Yes, I had been told by the exact same moderator to "not necro old threads and what is functioning as planned"... despite the fact that it's a stickied thread and it is common forum policy to not create repeat-threads.

To summarize, Nexon is still a terrible firm, wanting toi make money from we players, but don't like to fix the issues in MapleStory. When some players report that the problems to Nexon, Nexon would say "yes we all know, we will fix it", but they don't do anything following.

I would really like to know who's responsible for making the decisions for what is going to be on earnings in the Money Shop and the events going on at moment. I'm a returned participant, who had left because October 2015 and verily I can testify that these current events are extremely terrible. In terms of the Money Shop upgrade or daily sales it goes exactly the same, pretty nothing intriguing.

I'd love to spend money but the current events and money store items don't make sense at all. I can't blame the community manager since they do not make the choices but those that are receiving the accounts from the ( CM ) are people to blame. People wish to see yet another nx transfer event which could have been done for new year instead of the new year store which had nothing more interesting in it to start with. Here I've got an idea that will please both sides. You men can sell the nx transport for 500nx/each transport and use platinum scissors for untradeable items such as: black swordsman medal, sylph ring & more in returns you guys actually make more profits over the time instead of redoing the same event a year or two later down the line. Individuals are continuously switching between characters and that's where the cash is sitting in moving stuff.

On an ending note, I truly expect to see better things coming from the whole nexon team because right now even when the new 5th job update came out it feels the same as when I left. KlaraPaying nx to move our perms that people bought/wore on the incorrect character?

I understand but it needs to be only for the two parties... Doing it as you need for free will eventually affect their market. Moreover, 500nx/1k nx is nothing in comparison with the time which you need to wait for the next cash item transfer event. It gives them less excuses to put more work on forthcoming events that matter with great contents which will help the player to advance without feeling left behind or stagnant because they cannot spend 100$ on nx for cubing or shielding scrolls.

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